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A high quantity of working professionals seek to become their own boss. Business Ownership Connection, LLC provides the necessary coaching and mentoring to help guide someone through the process of becoming their own boss to achieve their career dream. As a Business Ownership Coach, I play the role of "business matchmaker" in providing guidance to enable those seeking to own a franchise opportunity or business licensee agreement. I will guide you step by step from discovery to ownership at no cost to you, since the business organizations pay my referral fee.

I help you find the best franchise or business opportunity for you and your family, and you can keep your day job if that is what you prefer. I work with companies seeking Owner-Operators, Executive Ownership, and Semi-Absentee investment strategies. My portfolio has more than 700 franchise and business organizations. Why do clients work with me? I educate, help people save time, streamline the process, and introduce ideas they have never considered.

I will work tirelessly to understand your needs, lifestyle, financial goals, and what motivates you. Throughout my private consulting, I help people who are motivated to make a change in their life by owning their own business find the right model that will give them what they want out of life.

Please contact me regarding franchise and business licensee opportunities.

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How Our 5-Step Client Process Works*

Assessment of Candidate's Franchising Goals/Objectives and Business Model Preferences

We will focus this call on a deep assessment to learn your personal, business and financial goals, areas of expertise, ideal business models and industries, investment levels, and much more...

We Research 800+ Franchises based on your Selection Criteria

We will perform a detailed research in our database to identify franchise concepts that match your background and goals.

Franchise Recommendations Presentation call

We will present to you a list of franchise concepts that match your profile and goals. We will hear your feedback and either move to step 4 or repeat our matchmaking process as needed.

Candidate Franchise Investigation and Validation Process

We will introduce you to the franchisors of your selected franchise concepts, and assist you in the entire research & discovery process, so you can make an informed decision (weekly calls for 4-6 weeks).

Candidate's Final Decision (go/no go)

After having completed the due diligence you and the franchisor will be ready to make a final go/no go decision.

* We develop viable franchise recommendations for our client's based on their franchising goals, objectives, areas of interest and desired investment level, then coach, guide and mentor them through the entire franchise research and acquisition process.

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