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About us

About Business Ownership Connection, LLC

Business Ownership Connection, LLC

Business Matchmaking Services - Nationwide

I will help you become your own boss!

As a Business Ownership Coach, I help people from all different professions turn their dreams into reality. Helping others achieve their career goals is what I have dedicated my life to. I remain committed to matching you to a business that meets your passions, talents, and needs.

How did I become a Business Ownership Coach? I began helping people with their job search in 2009. During 2014, many people informed me they no longer wanted to work for someone else, they wanted to take control of their life by working for themselves. They felt their knowledge and skills had grown to the point where they no longer wanted to bet on another boss. They wanted to bet on themselves instead. In early 2015 I opened Business Ownership Connection, LLC and took the necessary steps to be able to match career-minded professionals to business ownership opportunities.

Take ownership of your career. You’ll like the way gaining control of your life feels.

Ready to talk to us about whether business ownership is right for you?

Please contact Rich Salon at:

Business Ownership Connection, LLC


(804) 385-1309